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    The following conditions apply to the Kaspersky Points Program



    1. The Kaspersky Points Program is based on a points system in which points are awarded according to the product sold. The points awarded are regularly updated and published on the Internet site; they entitle the participant to make a choice from the goods offered on the Internet site.
    2. Every Participant of the Loyalty Programme must agree to the applicability of these Terms and Conditions for Participants. These Terms and Conditions for Participants shall exclusively apply to the Loyalty Programme and any orders by the Participants made in the context of the Loyalty Programme. The applicability of any other General Terms and Conditions or a referral thereto shall not be accepted by Sparco. Citizen's Terms and Conditions apply to the Programme as well.  
    3. KASPERSKY LAB B.V. and Sparco are not bound to pay out the value of the goods offered wholly or partly in cash.
    4. Participants cannot claim (cashback) promotions or other actions from suppliers for products offered in this program.
    5. KASPERSKY LAB B.V. and Sparco reserve the right not to award points, or to deduct points in exceptional cases.
    6. The points saved are valid up to a maximum of 2 years.
    7. Both Sparco and the participating companies are entitled at all times to refuse or to withdraw points which are offered to them if they suspect fraud, deception, abuse of the campaign or if - in their judgement - loss is caused to Sparco or the participating companies as a result. Sparco is entitled in such a case to notify the police.
    8. In the event of any circumstances outside the power of Sparco, Sparco is entitled to suspend or to terminate Kaspersky Points.
    9. KASPERSKY LAB B.V. and Sparco are not liable for any tax liability which may arise for the participant from participation in the Kaspersky Points Program.
    10. Sparco is entitled to alter unilaterally the conditions of the Kaspersky Points Program, as well as the goods to be acquired and the manner in which the calculation of points is determined, in connection with availability and/or pricing.
    11. Sparco is not liable for inaccuracies and printing errors on the campaign Internet site.
      Should disputes arise in the implementation of the Kaspersky Points Program, the decision on them shall rest solely with the management of Sparco.
    12. Employees of KASPERSKY LAB B.V. and Sparco are excluded from participation in the KASPERSKY LAB B.V. savings program.
    13. During the validity of Kaspersky Points the participant is entitled to convert points into goods which are offered in the framework of Kaspersky Points. For this purpose the participant must make use of the online ordering facilities on the Kaspersky Points Program Internet site. The participant is aware of and accepts the fact that the Kaspersky Points program terminates in any event on the date when the Outsourcings agreement between KASPERSKY LAB B.V. and Sparco terminates. When the Kaspersky Points Program terminates, the participant has the right to convert his points into goods up to a maximum of 1 months after the termination. The points shall lapse at the end this period and the participant can no longer enforce any right against Sparco.
    14. Every effort will be made to deliver the goods within a period of 2 to 4 weeks.
    15. Defects in the articles supplied must be notified to Sparco International BV by registered letter within seven days, quoting Sparco’s Kaspersky Points program. It is not permitted to return the goods supplied without the permission of Sparco International. This permission is given only in the event of manufacturing defects and/or delivery errors. The goods in question must then be sent back in the original packaging and with the original advice note.
    16. Sparco does not give any guarantee about the quality and/or availability of the goods offered under the Kaspersky Points Program, without prejudice to the legal guarantee of the supplier of these goods.
    17. The participant is himself responsible for sending in any forms relating to the guarantee. The participant can in any event never exercise more rights against Sparco International BV than derive from the guarantees issued by the supplier of the article. The advice note supplied by Sparco constitutes part of the proof of guarantee.
    18. These standard terms and conditions of the Kaspersky Points Program are supplementary conditions to Sparco International BV’s Standard Conditions of Purchase and Sale, no. 32082423, deposited with the Chamber of Commerce at Hilversum on 10 September 2001. Sparco shall never be liable for consequential loss or loss of profits. Sparco’s liability is limited in all cases to the invoiced value of the product ordered by the participant.
    19. By participating in the Kaspersky Points Program the participant automatically agrees to these conditions.